Observing our destination in real time from a smartphone or computer is now possible! Thanks to a set of webcams arranged on the territory, you can take a look at your next walks!

Discover La Roche-sur-Yon and its surroundings from a new angle! A wide angle, even! Thanks to our webcams, take to the skies! Select an image you want to share, go back in time day and night, spy on the wildlife circulating discreetly in the vegetation and water points...

• Have fun looking for Charlie or imagine being a bird perched high above and dominating the city of The rock on yon.

• Take the time to contemplate the charm and tranquility of the spaces of Papon Mill and Rambourg mill.

Take a look, if you don't have vertigo! And if so, fear not: with the cameras, there is no risk that you will fall!

It is possible that other webcams are pointing the tip of their nose… well, of their objective. Stay tuned, you never know which place will be brought to light in the limelight!

And if you want to discover more visuals of our destination, there is always our Instagram account!

Quatre visuels qui représentent les Animaux de la Place Napoléon, l'Église Saint-Louis, la statue de Napoléon à cheval et un concert d'été au Moulin de Rambourg