“This intuition of an event, of a story that is waiting to begin or end, do you also experience it? »

These words, taken from Where does the light come from by Jakuta Alikavasovic, will accompany you during your journey through this exhibition made up of 31 photographs. 📷

Coming from four distinct series, they are the fruit of the work of Frédéric Stucin, specialized in portraits of personalities or anonymous people. Here the choice was made to transport you into enigmatic atmospheres. ❓🤔

We touch the darkness; we play with light, natural and created from scratch. Just before nightfall, his creative process is activated to disturb the viewer and transform the parking lot of a supermarket or a gas station into a film set. 🎥

We thus blur the boundary between imagination and reality. We begin to see silhouettes where there are none (or maybe we do?), to pierce the shadows of our unfaithful eyes, to put our minds together to extract meaning. 👀🧠🔍

Each shot is an invitation to interpret or reinterpret a story. Is he a young man who meditates and rambles on the meaning of his existence? A lone walker taking a break out of sight? A homeless person who came across the photographer’s lens? 🚶‍♂️

Sometimes there is no need to find meaning. The image imposes itself on us without our permission. We then begin to contemplate for several minutes. We let our eyes and our mind absorb it, as if the cliché were expressed in a language that requires no words. 🗣

Most don't have names. What’s the point when your emotions are touched directly? ❤

For those who love words as much as images, the texts of Jakuta Alikavasovic take a look at the photographs of Frédéric Stucin. She depicts her encounter with the works, between concern and wonder. 📝✏

This is probably the best way to summarize my visit to the exhibition. Between worry and wonder. I didn't see how much time I spent there. ✨

I recommend the exhibition to anyone curious about photography! 😄

  • The exhibition is accessible until March 2, 2024, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 13 p.m. to 18 p.m., free of charge.
  • Free guided tours are organized on February 3 and 17 at 14 p.m., March 2 at 14 p.m.
  • A meeting with Frédéric Stucin is organized on Saturday January 13 at 14 p.m., free of charge and by reservation (02 72 78 11 11).

Edward, communications officer for #destinationlarochesuryon


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