To 04th December, 2022

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Exhibition of Anne and Patrick Poirier - Free access

Are they poets, travellers, anthropologists, archaeologists or even archivists? Traveling the world, Anne and Patrick Poirier document the passage of time and explore the fragility of civilizations. They slowly visit cities shaped by the centuries and fallen into oblivion, linger amid the remains of almost erased sites and take photographs.

Photography freezes time, exalts memory and thwarts oblivion. For 40 years, Anne and Patrick Poirier have used this technique in their own way, enlarging details, stopping at debris, damaged leaves or faded flowers. The photographs have become the witnesses of their research.

Invited to La Roche-sur-Yon by the museum, Anne and Patrick Poirier have produced unprecedented, large-scale work: nearly 40 photographs are set up in Zola for a season.

Opening of the exhibition in the presence of the artists: Friday June 3 at 17 p.m.
A work, a coffee: Tuesday August 2 at 13 p.m.


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