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He is committed to working on subjects which are personal to him such as the maritime world and sea workers among others ...

Freelance photographer, works and lives in his hometown.

Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Photographie Icart _ Photo Section (Paris) in 1987, he works with companies from all sectors, micro-businesses, SMEs, SMIs, communication companies, publishing houses, institutions and communities.

He is entrusted with publicity, food photography, creation of image banks for external and internal communication, catalogs, portraits, reports from companies and events.

At the same time, he endeavors to work on subjects which are personal to him: the maritime world, the ambiences of racetracks or even various trips in the form of reports.

Neither seen nor known Sablais sailors!

True economic players in the city, often invisible to the general public, they are nevertheless on the water every day to accomplish their work. This would well deserve a freeze frame.

Opening Friday January 14 at 19 p.m.


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